4.1 Consultation details

Defence and Security Industrial and Technology Policy: Draft Green Paper – Part Four – Consultation – 4.1 Consultation details

4.1.1 Topic of this Consultation

The Government is proposing that the United Kingdom should have, for the first time, a formal statement covering equipment, support, and technology in both the defence and security sectors. This Green Paper is intended to allow full public consultation on that policy. Once consultation is complete next year, we intend to publish a White Paper [...]

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4.1.2 Scope of this Consultation

The Green Paper is intended to allow the Government an opportunity to discuss a variety of issues that would be encompassed by a new approach to equipment, support, and technology for UK defence and security. This will assist in creating suitable policies and processes for specific issues which will be then published as a White [...]

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4.1.3 Expected interested parties

The consultation will focus on academia, industry, service providers, trade bodies, and trade unions involved in the defence, security, and cyber sectors. We would also value comments from commentators interested in aspects of this subject and from the general public, particularly those who are not part of regular Government engagement on these subjects. We expect [...]

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4.1.4 Geographical scope

There is no constrictive geographical location for this consultation and we welcome views from all parties. There will be at least one formal event for industry and the general public to attend to discuss their views on issues raised by the Green Paper. This will be held in London, probably in early February. We will [...]

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4.1.5 Consultation criteria

This Consultation has been conducted in accordance with the criteria in the Government’s Code of Practice on Consultation. If you wish to have access to the full version of the Code, you can obtain it at: http://www.bis.gov.uk/policies/better-regulation/consultation-guidance The Government’s Code of Practice on Consultation sets out seven criteria for successful consultation: When to consult – [...]

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