1.2 Equipment, Support, and Technology for Defence and Security

Equipment, Support, and Technology for UK Defence and Security: A Consultation Paper – Part One – Overview – 1.2 Equipment, Support, and Technology for Defence and Security

1.2.1 Context

The uncertain world depicted in the NSS requires us to be more thoughtful, more strategic, and more coordinated in the way we advance our interests and protect our national security. More than ever, expenditure on defence and security must be to ensure that the UK has what it needs at a price it can afford. [...]

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1.2.2 Core policy

Our proposed approach to equipment, support, and technology for UK defence and security consists of three key principles. Key principle 1: The UK Armed Forces, the wider National Security community, and the Law Enforcement agencies must have the capabilities they require to protect the UK and its interests, in line with the goals set in [...]

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1.2.3 Government and its suppliers

The SDSR enables us to plan for what the UK will need in the coming years. At the heart of this are various defence and security capabilities – the combinations of trained and skilled people, equipment and support, and operating methods that enable the UK to act against the various threats we face. The Government, [...]

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1.2.4 Balancing choices

This Green Paper sets out a range of factors that may need to be considered when making choices on defence and security issues. It also seeks to bring out some of the complex interactions between those factors. One key issue is, therefore, to find the correct balance between these factors when delivering our key principles, [...]

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