3.3 Cyberspace

Equipment, Support, and Technology for UK Defence and Security: A Consultation Paper – Part Three – Specific Areas – 3.3 Cyberspace

3.3 Cyberspace – General and Specific Questions

General Question: Q85. Have we adequately identified the key industry-related challenges for cyber security? Specific questions: Q86. Is our proposed partnership response the optimum approach, given the nature of the ICT industry and the current fiscal climate? Q87. Are our proposed science and technology priorities appropriate to address the challenges we have identified?

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3.3.1 Cyberspace Overview

Cyberspace encompasses all digital networked activities. It presents substantial opportunities for the improvement of economic and social well-being, but, as the UK’s first Cyber Security Strategy set out in 2009, it also harbours new risks. In particular, criminal activity in cyberspace is growing rapidly, which is why the UK must act decisively to improve law [...]

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3.3.2 Key industry-related challenges in the cyber domain

We offer below a list of priority areas of activity and focus for science and technology, for comment and validation: Achieving critical mass: we recognize the scale of global ICT development, and the limited influence that any Government could exert. So partnerships are essential – amongst Government departments and agencies, between the public and private [...]

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3.3.3 The response: defining requirements via new partnerships

As indicated above, partnership between the public and private sectors is an essential component of the response to the challenges of cyber security. In the first instance, we intend to pursue this partnership in five key areas: First, we will improve our joint ‘situational awareness’ – establishing mechanisms for real-time sharing of information on cyber [...]

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3.3.4 Priorities

As we set out in the SDSR, we intend to sponsor research in collaboration with the private sector and others to fill gaps and to improve our ability to respond to long term challenges. Our initial view is that priorities for science and technology action might include: Establishing an improved economic underpinning for cyber security [...]

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